Thursday, January 03, 2008

From love"koi" to love"ai"

Where is different from love called "koi" and love called "ai"?

Love called "koi" wakes up some time.

Love called "ai" can raise, and keeps being long.

It starts from love called "koi" , and it changes into love called "ai".

Love of the truth and it when subliming are ..road to happiness.. happy and ..street.. in becoming. the love at this time

Everyone starves for love.

However, there seem to be few people who think that it might have to learn love.

It can be paraphrased with "Love", "The other party is made happy".

It is however to become loved man fostering the ability to love.

If you borrow the word of the Ehrlich from " I cannot help looking for the answer of the life that man might cause him at born time where, and go to where. There is nothing with the answer except love. "

It says.

It is be able not to achieve love of the truth without the effort at all but also not to be sure to do if the desire that starts having feelings that correctly understand the other party, and respect it and oneself depending on the other party is not sublimed.

The life is the one because it achieves love of the truth like the Osamu gym where an own character is polished.

And, because the mind of thanks love against maternal love and father's love, brother love, narcissisms, and everyone and

"Thank you" is necessary, it thinks as assumption of the relation and the character growth of such love.

The war that ugly abhorrence, terrorism, and cheating are filled will not happen if love of this truth catches on worldwide from the relation among the lover, the married couple, and the family either.

It wishes to become year filled with hope in 2009 when a new year began.

" The person knows the birth, and there is relations the death against my will to be his will. The solitary uneasiness and man are alive with be afflicted. uneasy be separated each one with anotherUniting is desired with other worlds with others. " (Ehrlich from "Love. ". )

The Arihi from is a researcher of the philosophy who Jewish German's social psychology and psychoanalyzes. The Marxism tied to Freud's psychoanalysis by the social character theory, and it is made to the new Freud faction and the Freud leftist.

"Happiness is proof of morality. "When humanistic ethics that wished in a word productive life to be man's happiness and growth were believed in, the person assumed that he or she was able to become happy.

Peace is keeping someone warm ・・ (Tod pearl)


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