Thursday, January 03, 2008

It is one person and it is not one person.

Support, support each other, and alive in everyone's power are that we are incontrovertible though we might occasionally think that one person is better when obediently turning around.

Thus, aren't support each other and alive the worlds of a wonderful life?

We get excited naturally when we hear the good talk.

If it meets sadness, tears fall.

If it encounters an unpleasant thing, it becomes unpleasant feelings.

It is alive as a big influence is received from surroundings like pleasure, anger, and sadness and happiness, etc.

A dark, cold desire might come. I will occasionally become such a desire.

However, it is possible to become a powerful desire by the support's of surroundings transmitting the feelings to surroundings, and coming into view firmly, too, when living in bright, warm feelings.

We are one person, and they are not one person though the Chinese character "Person" seems to be an appearance to support from both sides each other and to stand.

Thank you, and the voice is exchanged with a smile, it encourages each other, and it supports it each other. In such the world, we are energetically to become, and to be able to live happily by becoming bright, warm feelings.

From "Road to the world federation"


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