Monday, September 27, 2004

Iraq war which history judges

The war for Iraq by the British-American army started on March 20, 03.

This war is war which cannot be clear.

The war and it based on the Security Council resolution in war are allowed only self-defense war in international society.

This war that disregarded the international rule for whether it can be called the right war even in war which may be carried out to be inserted into a doubt already limits a name to the world history, and thinks whether history has no choice but to judge.

War commits homicide, injury, violence, vessel destruction, incendiarism, housing invasion, and all crimes.

However, the leader of a victorious nation and an executor are not accused of the crime.

A slight pace of human-beings civilization is an antiwar pact.

Although the step was carried forward to the U.N. Chapter and Article 9 to the Constitution of Japan, international society has returned to the feudal age of the Warring States general who just competed with one another for power in this war.

It just prays that there is besides no sacrifice beyond this of general citizens or soldiers.


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