Thursday, January 03, 2008

From love"koi" to love"ai"

Where is different from love called "koi" and love called "ai"?

Love called "koi" wakes up some time.

Love called "ai" can raise, and keeps being long.

It starts from love called "koi" , and it changes into love called "ai".

Love of the truth and it when subliming are ..road to happiness.. happy and ..street.. in becoming. the love at this time

Everyone starves for love.

However, there seem to be few people who think that it might have to learn love.

It can be paraphrased with "Love", "The other party is made happy".

It is however to become loved man fostering the ability to love.

If you borrow the word of the Ehrlich from " I cannot help looking for the answer of the life that man might cause him at born time where, and go to where. There is nothing with the answer except love. "

It says.

It is be able not to achieve love of the truth without the effort at all but also not to be sure to do if the desire that starts having feelings that correctly understand the other party, and respect it and oneself depending on the other party is not sublimed.

The life is the one because it achieves love of the truth like the Osamu gym where an own character is polished.

And, because the mind of thanks love against maternal love and father's love, brother love, narcissisms, and everyone and

"Thank you" is necessary, it thinks as assumption of the relation and the character growth of such love.

The war that ugly abhorrence, terrorism, and cheating are filled will not happen if love of this truth catches on worldwide from the relation among the lover, the married couple, and the family either.

It wishes to become year filled with hope in 2009 when a new year began.

" The person knows the birth, and there is relations the death against my will to be his will. The solitary uneasiness and man are alive with be afflicted. uneasy be separated each one with anotherUniting is desired with other worlds with others. " (Ehrlich from "Love. ". )

The Arihi from is a researcher of the philosophy who Jewish German's social psychology and psychoanalyzes. The Marxism tied to Freud's psychoanalysis by the social character theory, and it is made to the new Freud faction and the Freud leftist.

"Happiness is proof of morality. "When humanistic ethics that wished in a word productive life to be man's happiness and growth were believed in, the person assumed that he or she was able to become happy.

Peace is keeping someone warm ・・ (Tod pearl)

It is one person and it is not one person.

Support, support each other, and alive in everyone's power are that we are incontrovertible though we might occasionally think that one person is better when obediently turning around.

Thus, aren't support each other and alive the worlds of a wonderful life?

We get excited naturally when we hear the good talk.

If it meets sadness, tears fall.

If it encounters an unpleasant thing, it becomes unpleasant feelings.

It is alive as a big influence is received from surroundings like pleasure, anger, and sadness and happiness, etc.

A dark, cold desire might come. I will occasionally become such a desire.

However, it is possible to become a powerful desire by the support's of surroundings transmitting the feelings to surroundings, and coming into view firmly, too, when living in bright, warm feelings.

We are one person, and they are not one person though the Chinese character "Person" seems to be an appearance to support from both sides each other and to stand.

Thank you, and the voice is exchanged with a smile, it encourages each other, and it supports it each other. In such the world, we are energetically to become, and to be able to live happily by becoming bright, warm feelings.

From "Road to the world federation"

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Abortion and war

Mr. Bush was reelected by the American President.

In other words, American people elected Mr. Bush President.

The President is opposed to abortion.

People's life is important.

Although it is called an embryo.

Don't waste people's life.

Therefore, it is opposed to abortion. American people value ethics morality.

The sense of values was found well. However, American people approve of the Iraq war which the President advances positively suddenly.

Is the ethics morality that people's life is important Considerated there?

If the place killed although it would be a child and would be an old person if it was the life of the people from Iraq, although an embryo is also important for American people's life is available, but it is ..

If opposed [ to abortion ] and it will not be opposed to war.

It will really be what that the American people who value ethics morality support the Iraq war.

U.S. President respected the traditional sense of values, and has appealed against the importance of ethics morality.

I want you to pierce through the sense of values in any situations.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Measures to prevent traffic accidents

The casualties by the traffic accident do not sever the back.

It says to the number of too much victims to "measures to prevent traffic accidents."

In order to eradicate these measures to prevent traffic accidents, the easiest method should not make a car.

But, it is the most difficult.

rather than -- it can not do.

Car industry is destroyed completely.

Since jobless people overflow the width of the foot in a town.

Now, dispute and war are performed all over the world.

In order to lose this war, the method of saying most should not make arms.

However, it does not do. Since there are those who will not war and are troubled.

Now, the No.1 military industry of the world is the United States.

Even if a cold war ends, one of the reasons for still continuing war is here.

Military industry supports for the tax of a country and war also becomes an unemployment policy also to business stimulating measures.

The completely same structure as public works of Japan The dam which is not required, either, a bridge, a road.

But since people are not killed, it is still saved..

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A historical view

A historical view is different 180 degrees, if a position changes.

New continent discovery of Columbus was the beginning of invasion for the American former occupant.

Even when the ideal of the U.S. founding of the country is high however and splendid, for a U.S. former occupant, it passes only to the beautiful thing applied with blood.

Mr. Charles Sweeney death, 84 years old.

It is with the captain of B29 bomber who dropped the Nagasaki atomic bomb.

It is being described small that it passed away in the hospital of U.S. Massachusetts state Boston on July 15 in the bottom of a newspaper.

The Nagasaki atomic bomb dropping strategy is commanded and it is said that B29 bomber "a box car" was controlled on August 9, 48 which was an army major.

It is said that the utterance which protects atomic bomb dropping is repeated after the war, and the theory of just atomic bomb dropping having made war end by own work was developed.

How far was the tragic state of Nagasaki of atomic bomb dropping known?

A child, an old person, and the general public lost life.

Having fallen victim is a noncombatant whom any crime does not have.

Thus, has not the self-complacent thinking circuit which does not look back upon the life of the side killed at all changed at all from the former occupant slaughter of a western exploitation time?

"for The justice sake" "for democracy" [ "for freedom" ]

How many persons' life is really claimed under the slogan of such a beautiful thing?

I want to stop into memory that there are those who have thinking like Mr. Charles Sweeney among Americans.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Is kill people bad?

The homicide by the boy continues in japan.

Up to the homicide by the girl of the sixth grader in an elementary school.

It is absolutely wrong to kill people.

With no interrogative room.

Is it ?

Why isn't war which has killed people like every day on the earth wrong?

War commits all crimes, such as homicide, injury, incendiarism, and vessel destruction.

An army bears the homicide etc.

An army is the homicide group and homicide organization which were legalized.

The violence group aiming at homicide.

So, if it approves of a political determination which wars, it will be [ that homicide will be affirmed and ].

The absolute assailant girl of the Sasebo incident told exquisitely about the importance of a life by the homepage.

It is a high-sounding ideas.

Is there nothing in children having noticed the deception nature in the place said if war will not be determined or the adult who supports the war will not complain of the importance of a life to children if what war it is by any reasons?

Monday, September 27, 2004

Iraq war which history judges

The war for Iraq by the British-American army started on March 20, 03.

This war is war which cannot be clear.

The war and it based on the Security Council resolution in war are allowed only self-defense war in international society.

This war that disregarded the international rule for whether it can be called the right war even in war which may be carried out to be inserted into a doubt already limits a name to the world history, and thinks whether history has no choice but to judge.

War commits homicide, injury, violence, vessel destruction, incendiarism, housing invasion, and all crimes.

However, the leader of a victorious nation and an executor are not accused of the crime.

A slight pace of human-beings civilization is an antiwar pact.

Although the step was carried forward to the U.N. Chapter and Article 9 to the Constitution of Japan, international society has returned to the feudal age of the Warring States general who just competed with one another for power in this war.

It just prays that there is besides no sacrifice beyond this of general citizens or soldiers.