Friday, October 01, 2004

Measures to prevent traffic accidents

The casualties by the traffic accident do not sever the back.

It says to the number of too much victims to "measures to prevent traffic accidents."

In order to eradicate these measures to prevent traffic accidents, the easiest method should not make a car.

But, it is the most difficult.

rather than -- it can not do.

Car industry is destroyed completely.

Since jobless people overflow the width of the foot in a town.

Now, dispute and war are performed all over the world.

In order to lose this war, the method of saying most should not make arms.

However, it does not do. Since there are those who will not war and are troubled.

Now, the No.1 military industry of the world is the United States.

Even if a cold war ends, one of the reasons for still continuing war is here.

Military industry supports for the tax of a country and war also becomes an unemployment policy also to business stimulating measures.

The completely same structure as public works of Japan The dam which is not required, either, a bridge, a road.

But since people are not killed, it is still saved..


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