Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A historical view

A historical view is different 180 degrees, if a position changes.

New continent discovery of Columbus was the beginning of invasion for the American former occupant.

Even when the ideal of the U.S. founding of the country is high however and splendid, for a U.S. former occupant, it passes only to the beautiful thing applied with blood.

Mr. Charles Sweeney death, 84 years old.

It is with the captain of B29 bomber who dropped the Nagasaki atomic bomb.

It is being described small that it passed away in the hospital of U.S. Massachusetts state Boston on July 15 in the bottom of a newspaper.

The Nagasaki atomic bomb dropping strategy is commanded and it is said that B29 bomber "a box car" was controlled on August 9, 48 which was an army major.

It is said that the utterance which protects atomic bomb dropping is repeated after the war, and the theory of just atomic bomb dropping having made war end by own work was developed.

How far was the tragic state of Nagasaki of atomic bomb dropping known?

A child, an old person, and the general public lost life.

Having fallen victim is a noncombatant whom any crime does not have.

Thus, has not the self-complacent thinking circuit which does not look back upon the life of the side killed at all changed at all from the former occupant slaughter of a western exploitation time?

"for The justice sake" "for democracy" [ "for freedom" ]

How many persons' life is really claimed under the slogan of such a beautiful thing?

I want to stop into memory that there are those who have thinking like Mr. Charles Sweeney among Americans.


Blogger django said...

Thinkers like you who have a view on history should now focus on the possibilities of Globalisation. History has not been a great teacher . Maybe economics will be a better engine to drive all the good intentions of mankind.

September 29, 2004 at 4:54 AM  

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