Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Is kill people bad?

The homicide by the boy continues in japan.

Up to the homicide by the girl of the sixth grader in an elementary school.

It is absolutely wrong to kill people.

With no interrogative room.

Is it ?

Why isn't war which has killed people like every day on the earth wrong?

War commits all crimes, such as homicide, injury, incendiarism, and vessel destruction.

An army bears the homicide etc.

An army is the homicide group and homicide organization which were legalized.

The violence group aiming at homicide.

So, if it approves of a political determination which wars, it will be [ that homicide will be affirmed and ].

The absolute assailant girl of the Sasebo incident told exquisitely about the importance of a life by the homepage.

It is a high-sounding ideas.

Is there nothing in children having noticed the deception nature in the place said if war will not be determined or the adult who supports the war will not complain of the importance of a life to children if what war it is by any reasons?


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