Sunday, November 07, 2004

Abortion and war

Mr. Bush was reelected by the American President.

In other words, American people elected Mr. Bush President.

The President is opposed to abortion.

People's life is important.

Although it is called an embryo.

Don't waste people's life.

Therefore, it is opposed to abortion. American people value ethics morality.

The sense of values was found well. However, American people approve of the Iraq war which the President advances positively suddenly.

Is the ethics morality that people's life is important Considerated there?

If the place killed although it would be a child and would be an old person if it was the life of the people from Iraq, although an embryo is also important for American people's life is available, but it is ..

If opposed [ to abortion ] and it will not be opposed to war.

It will really be what that the American people who value ethics morality support the Iraq war.

U.S. President respected the traditional sense of values, and has appealed against the importance of ethics morality.

I want you to pierce through the sense of values in any situations.